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BT21 Interactive Toy | BTS Merch

Chimmy, Cooky, Koya, Shooky, Mang, Tata and RJ in different formats that each interact with the owner

💜 Tata: a heat sensitive toy that lights up as you hold him in your hand

🎉 Cooky: a cute cheer leader who will cheer you on with his shaking pom poms

🍒 Chimmy: a nodding one who will react YES or NO to questions posed to him

📬 RJ: he will bow down upon your presence due to his motion sensor

🍪 Shooky: shake the snack bag and it makes a laughing sound

⛱️ Koya: place him on his tube, and the tube lights up

🕺 Mang: attached by magnets, you can make him breakdance