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Build your journey with our Seoul Bites program

Enjoy all these amazing Seoul Box benefits when you join our rewards system:

🎁 Free K-pop/Korean merch

🎁 Special offers, exclusive insights, and discount coupons when you sign up for our weekly newsletter

🎁 An exclusive code to invite your friends

🎁 Birthday surprise bonus


A simple way to enrich your unboxing experience

Every time you purchase a box or refer a friend, you'll earn Bites. These bites unlock your exclusive Seoul Box rewards, like Korean stationery or K-pop merch. The more bites you earn, the more rewards you enjoy.

It's easy to start, too. All you need to do is to set up an account through the reward icon at the bottom left of the page. Once you have an account, you can keep track on how many bites you've earned on our website. When you earn enough bites to redeem a reward, you'll see each reward gets unlocked.


Our loyalty scheme is point-based, Seoul Bites. Each bite you earn by participating in various activities with us brings you one step closer to reaching the next milestone and earning more exciting rewards. You can shop around through here. This is a new, exciting program we're introducing to our Seoulmates, and we're planning to add many more features to My Seoul Rewards shop over time.


All you have to do is to enroll your email once. After that, you just need to collect bites and enjoy the rewards. We've listed some simple ways you can earn your bites.

Sign up for Seoul Box newsletter: 50bites

Follow us on Instagram: 50bites

Refera friend: 500bites

Celebrate your birthday with us: 200bites

Follow us on Facebook: 50bites

Like us on Facebook: 50bites

Follow us on Twitter: 50bites

Visit our My Seoul Rewards FAQ page for more details.