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Co-founders Suji & Raj created Seoul Box to bring the true wonders of Korea straight to your door! Born in Busan and lived in Seoul for 18 years, Suji has been fully immersed with the joys of having authentic Korean culture. Upon moving to London and joining as a founding committee member in a Korean entertainment society, she was frustrated by the difficulties her fellow K-lovers suffer to pursue their passions outside Korea. She decided to fill the ‘Blank’. At that point she met Raj, a London-born investment professional and avid K-foodie. Having experienced similar struggles when B-Boying and completing his gourmet journey to Korea, he has been eager to find more about real Korean culture in the UK. This was the challenge they both wanted to solve! Pointing towards the same direction, they set up Seoul Box

Seoul Box is a true immersive experience into Korean culture. Compared to its competitors, the box provides the widest variety of Korean snacks, from Ramen to Confectioneries to Hot Chicken Ramens to Korean style coffee sticks. Seoul Box is packed with genuine goodies which every K-lovers wished they could get at least once in their lifetime. It is also the only snack box that gives quirky and original tasting tips on how Koreans enjoy the snacks in their unique ways

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Seoul Box is founded on the idea of sharing and spreading love for Korea with everyone across the world. If you find our snacks extra tasty and our goodies exceptionally quirky, that's because we put our K-Spirit into them!


People should not face any difficulty in pursuing their passion for Korea. The creation of halal and vegetarian Seoul Boxes was natural in this regard, so that diets and life styles cannot stop K-Lovers from loving Korea!


We honestly believe that there's so much to explore about Korea. Even though they are mind-blowing and delicious, snacks are not enough. So we put the widest variety of items as possible - from ramen to drink to stickers to idol goodies to booklets


From tearing the box sticker to trying out our innovative tasting tips to sharing your experience and getting eye-watering rewards, Seoul Box is carefully designed to make your every step closer to Korea


Collect rare and unique goodies; indulge in snacks and ramens packed with crazy flavours; explore every little bit of Korea through our exclusive guidebook

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We are the only Korean snack box service to provide halal box!

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